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How We’re Different

We’re ResilientRx. We’re a physical therapy practice here in Austin Texas. We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get back to doing what they love to do- while keeping them away from pain meds or surgery.

We’d like to take a moment to tell you just how we are different than your typical physical therapy practice. And to do that, we first need to take a look at how these traditional PT clinics are run.

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The Benefits of Pilates

Have you tried Pilates? It could be the perfect complement to your workout regime, or the start of one. Learn about the benefits of Pilates here.

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Sleep and Athletic Performance

Quality sleep is an important consideration when it comes to pain, injury and recovering after a workout. Research supports that individuals who get a bad night’s sleep (especially those with chronic sleep issues, insomnia, etc.) are more likely to have pain the subsequent day. In fact, two thirds of people with chronic pain suffer from…

Hamstring Stretch
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What Causes Tight Hamstrings?

Why do my hamstrings feel tight? Is it because the muscle length is actually in a shortened state? What about for those of us who have stretched our hamstrings regularly, but there isn’t much change in pain, how tight they feel or improvements in flexibility? Complaints of tightness in the hamstrings and not being able…

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Postpartum Urinary Incontinence

Will I ever get back to working out without leaking? “Why did I just pee all over myself after exercising?” ”I want to get back in shape after just delivering my baby!” ”Will I ever get back to working out without peeing myself?“ These questions are all too common when we speak to our postpartum…

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How many sets per workout? 1200 799 ResilientRx

How many sets per workout?

Are you confused on how many repetitions you should be doing when you are working out? How much weight is too much weight? Should I be doing higher repetitions or more weight? Many people work out regularly and wonder why they aren’t getting the results they want. How do you figure it out? Well, the…

Self Care
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Why is Self Care Important?

Surprise– eating clean and exercising doesn’t make you a “healthy” person. Healthy living is beyond exercising. Living healthily is a conscious effort to take care of your physical body and mental health. “Self-care” is a phrase you have probably heard often, especially lately, and with good reason! Self-care addresses your physical health- lack of sleep,…

Don't Panic
Postpartum Body Changes 1200 799 ResilientRx

Postpartum Body Changes

After giving birth you probably thought your body was ready to get right back in the swing of things, or you were even told that after 6 weeks everything would be “fine.” You might have asked yourself, “Then why am I peeing my pants?” or “Why does lifting anything hurt my back?” You are not…

Squatting in Gym
Knee Pain When Squatting? 1200 799 ResilientRx

Knee Pain When Squatting?

“My knee hurts when I lift weights or run- what’s going on?” It’s incredibly common for people who engage in fitness activities, like weightlifting and/or running, to experience anterior knee pain. This is pain in the front of the knee in the area around the knee cap (the patella). In fact, as much as 85%…

PH Scale
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Why do I keep getting yeast infections?

Chronic UTIs, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections can occur for a variety of reasons. In order to understand why chronic vaginal infections occur, we need to review the pH scale. The scale goes from 0-14: 0 being acidic 7 is neutral 14 being alkaline (or basic) In its natural state, the vagina is more acidic,…