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How We’re Different

How We’re Different

How We’re Different 1080 1080 ResilientRx

We’re ResilientRx- a physical therapy practice here in Austin Texas. We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get back to doing what they love to do- while keeping them away from pain medication or surgery.

We’d like to take a moment to tell you how we’re different than your typical physical therapy practice. First, we need to take a look at how traditional PT clinics are run.

Traditional Physical Therapy

Traditional, “big box” physical therapy clinics that accept health insurance are very common in our healthcare system. Most clinics in the United States that accept insurance are designed to accommodate a high volume of patients, in order for the business to stay profitable.

The big reason these PT clinics need to see a high number of patients is because the amount that insurances reimburse these clinics for their services is often low and inconsistent.

So what tends to happen is your case is assigned to a physical therapist who can be double, triple, or quadruple booked.

They are managing multiple patients and other responsibilities all at once, which requires the use of Rehab assistance or technicians. 

Working with Rehab Assistance or Techs

Techs will spend anywhere from 30-40+ minutes with patients while the supervising physical therapist cycles through their patients for the hour, perhaps spending only 10-20 minutes with each of them.

Technicians are often high school educated with “on the job training” who hold no professional license or advanced clinical training.

Let’s think about that for a second…

The bulk of your direct care is in the hands of someone who is not a formally trained healthcare professional. Even under the watchful eye of the physical therapist in a busy clinic setting, is this something you feel you should be paying for and are comfortable with? We sure don’t think so.

Less direct care, more cost over time

What this system results in is that patients spend less time receiving direct skilled care, which usually means that more visits are required to get them feeling better and meeting their goals. 

And more visits means more cost to you in the long run, even if you have a copay.

Most patients will attend at a frequency of 2-3 times per week.

That’s 3 hours of PT per week, not counting the driving and waiting room times.

And even if you have a low-ish copay, that adds up quick.

How we’re different

Here’s where we are different: At ResilientRx, it’s just you and your Doctor of Physical Therapy. That’s it. 

No unskilled providers and no other patients sharing YOUR time.

The majority of our clients only attend PT once a week. Because you have one on one skilled care for a full hour, our treatments are more efficient and client-specific. 

You are making the effort to be here, investing your time and money to get better. Therefore we feel it is YOUR hour, not to be shared by anyone else, and to be fully customized to YOUR needs.

We offer high-quality, customized treatments and leave the filler stuff out

That means, no generic exercise sheets, no annoying egg timers going off telling you when it’s time to stop an exercise, and no more wasting time on things you can easily be doing at home. 

This may sound like a bad business model (trust us, it’s not)…but our goal is to work ourselves out of a job -to get you better as quickly as possible.

We make it easy too!

We will provide a structured plan for you, but also provide you the flexibility needed in scheduling. Life get’s hectic outside of physical therapy – we get it. We’ll meet you wherever you are at and come up with what works best for you!

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality experience,  using a modern, evidence-based approach. 

Come experience for yourself, why we’re different.