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Austin’s First Trauma Informed Physical Therapy Clinic

Providing An Integrative Mind-Body Approach to Discovering Your Untapped Potential

Austin’s First Trauma Informed Physical Therapy Clinic

Providing An Integrative Mind-Body Approach to Discovering Your Untapped Potential

What does trauma-informed physical therapy mean?

Private Rooms

Option to stay in the private room for your entire visit. Our gym area has minimal traffic to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for you

Always 1:1

You will always be with a physical therapist for your entire visit.

No Gaslighting

Your feelings and symptoms are real and valid. It is not just “in your head”


We are a safe space for all races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, body sizes, genders, sexualities and disabilities


No fear-mongering. We want you to feel empowered after working with us. Your specific boundaries & goals are always included in your sessions


We want to meet you where you are at and not push you beyond your boundaries. You are included along each step on your treatment process

Experience being truly listened to and acknowledged in a healthcare system that often disregards patient's voices.

We are a trauma-informed physical therapy clinic. This means you are not labeled as broken or crazy here. We provide a judgement-free environment where we listen, provide guidance, and create a safe space to empower you to move your body freely without fear or pain.

Five star reviews on Google
Fewer Visits than Traditional Physical Therapy in Reducing Pain

ResilientRx focuses on quality care

Manual Therapy

We’ll use a combination of soft tissue massage, joint manipulations, and trigger point dry needling to get you back to feeling your best.

Trauma Informed

Providing a safe space for optimal healing

Functional Exercises

First, we’ll address your pain. Then we help you learn how to move safely to prevent it from coming back again.

Movement Analysis

We assess how your symptoms are impacting your movement or to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms related to movement limitations

Mind-Body Connection

We incorporate education on the mind-body connection for lasting results

Fitness Guidance

You can return to exercise, stay active during treatment, and even return to sport training!

Gait Training

Re-learn how to walk efficiently again

Is ResilientRX right for you?

Is it driving you crazy that you can’t exercise because of pain? Are you tired of being passed around the healthcare system with no results? Are you trying to avoid medication and surgeries? ​Are you being gaslit by other medical providers?

We have been there ourselves and have helped hundreds of people like you!

We pride ourselves on empowering you to move without pain and fear versus promoting fear to keep you coming in for unnecessary visits. We feel this is unethical and promotes a fear-based cycle around movement.

Below is a glimpse of our services

Headaches and TMJ dysfunction

Our approach focuses on personalized care and comprehensive treatment strategies to address the root cause of TMJ dysfunction, providing effective and lasting relief for our patients.

Treatment for Peri-Menopause Symptoms

ResilientRX can help you transition to menopause to help you meet your personal, sexual and fitness goals & get you feeling like yourself again. We believe your symptoms are real.

Pelvic Floor Pain & Dysfunction

Do you pee every time you cough, sneeze or run? Do you feel like you have to pee every 10 minutes? Is sex painful or not as enjoyable? Schedule your initial evaluation today to start the journey of healing your pelvic floor.

Fitness Optimization and Rehab

Are you struggling with returning to a higher level of fitness post injury? We are a clinic that truly understands movement and practices fitness beyond generic PT Exercises

We understand because we’ve been there.

ResilientRx is here for you. Our team is comprised of doctors of physical therapy and fitness enthusiasts who believe we should practice what we preach. Exercise is a part of our daily lives. The inability to exercise because of pain can be devastating!

We have helped hundreds of people like you recover. Our team is going to keep you as active as we can during recovery.

Invest in your body today to get the results you want tomorrow!