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Postpartum Running: When Can I start? 1200 629 ResilientRx

Postpartum Running: When Can I start?

After delivering a baby, you might be wondering when can I start running again? This is a very common question clients ask at the clinic. It’s important to consider a more gradual return to pre-pregnancy fitness levels, especially when it comes to running. According to a group of physical therapists’ research on returning to running…

Running Outside
Quarantine Workout Plan 1500 998 ResilientRx

Quarantine Workout Plan

Have you felt disconnected from your body since COVID-19 hit? Have you been experiencing increased stress affecting your mental health? Judgement around your body? You are not alone! We all remember in March of 2020 when COVID-19, something that previously felt so far away, truly hit us at home. We were told to shelter in…