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Squatting in Gym
Knee Pain When Squatting? 1200 799 ResilientRx

Knee Pain When Squatting?

“My knee hurts when I lift weights or run- what’s going on?” It’s incredibly common for people who engage in fitness activities, like weightlifting and/or running, to experience anterior knee pain. This is pain in the front of the knee in the area around the knee cap (the patella). In fact, as much as 85%…

PH Scale
Why do I keep getting yeast infections? 1024 540 ResilientRx

Why do I keep getting yeast infections?

Chronic UTIs, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections can occur for a variety of reasons. In order to understand why chronic vaginal infections occur, we need to review the pH scale. The scale goes from 0-14: 0 being acidic 7 is neutral 14 being alkaline (or basic) In its natural state, the vagina is more acidic,…

Back Pain
Lumbar MRI: Do I need one? 1200 799 ResilientRx

Lumbar MRI: Do I need one?

Many people with low back pain (LBP) have asked this question and wondered if an MRI will help guide them down the right path to recovery. Up to 80% of us will experience some form of LBP at some point in our lives. The great news is that the majority of low back pain cases…

Running on Track 2
Postpartum Running: When Can I start? 1200 629 ResilientRx

Postpartum Running: When Can I start?

After delivering a baby, you might be wondering when can I start running again? This is a very common question clients ask at the clinic. It’s important to consider a more gradual return to pre-pregnancy fitness levels, especially when it comes to running. According to a group of physical therapists’ research on returning to running…

Running Outside
Quarantine Workout Plan 1500 998 ResilientRx

Quarantine Workout Plan

Have you felt disconnected from your body since COVID-19 hit? Have you been experiencing increased stress affecting your mental health? Judgement around your body? You are not alone! We all remember in March of 2020 when COVID-19, something that previously felt so far away, truly hit us at home. We were told to shelter in…