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Our Physical Therapy Services

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are here to help you recover from pain and live the active lifestyle that you want.

Receive 1:1 care by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and get relief from your pain without surgery or medication.

Visit us at one of our two convenient physical therapy locations in North Austin and Westlake OR book a session online!

Athletic & Fitness Related Injuries

Have you been told by a healthcare provider that you should stop lifting weights or participating in another exercise you love? Let’s work together to get you back in gym or on the track.

Pelvic Floor Pain & Dysfunction

Do you pee every time you cough, sneeze or run? Do you feel like you have to pee every 10 minutes? Is sex painful or not as enjoyable? Schedule your initial evaluation today to start the journey of healing your pelvic floor.

Alternative Fitness Athletes

Here at ResilientRx, we believe that you deserve a physical therapist who actively practices the same movements as you. Alternative sports include (but not limited to): aerial art & dancing, climbing, acrobatics and gymnastics.

Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Pain

Are you struggling with daily activities because your hands, wrists, ankles, or elbows are causing you pain? We can help you rehabilitate your movement!

Chronic Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain

Are you living with daily neck, back, or shoulder pain? We can help diagnose and solve your pain without surgery!

Lower Back, Hip, and SI Joint Pain

Is your low back pain affecting you while sitting, standing, walking or exercising? We can help get you back to living your life, pain-free!

Knee Pain
Knee Pain

Is your knee pain limiting you from squatting? Are you worried that running will aggravate your knee? Many times it is due to not knowing proper form or having enough ankle or hip mobility – we can help!

Foot & Ankle Pain

Have you recently sprained your ankle? Have you been told to simply “RICE” it and take anti-inflammatory medication? We can help get you back on your feet!

Start moving again with ResilientRX.

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