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We’re Not Your Average PT

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy actually listen, and find the missing links in healthcare.

Are you almost an empty nester and want to focus on feeling strong and pain free as you approach mid-life?

Are you wanting to travel more and exercise often now that you have more free time since the kids are older?

Do you have a chronic, ongoing issue that imagining, lab tests and specialists do not have the answers for?

Do you miss being active like you were in your 20s and want to get back to moving and feeling good in your body again?

Have you already tried the traditional physical therapy model for this condition (or in the past) and did not get better or were not happy with the experience?

Are you tired of hearing that your symptoms are “just due to aging”?

Do you want to address your pain (or a future injury) as you continue to lift weights and exercise?

Have you tried lifting weights or exercising in the past but you are afraid of it because you have pain or have injured yourself doing it in the past?

Do you feel you have lost yourself and feel disconnect from your body over the years because your focus has been on work, the kids and/or just getting by the regular day to day?

Are you approaching peri-menopause and need help navigating the physical changes including avoiding osteoporosis or osteopenia, vaginal changes and more?

Do you have a pelvic floor condition and have not seen the results you want because treatments have only included internal assessments without exercise or a big picture approach?

If any other above apply to you, we may be the right fit for your care.

Unfortunately, we are often at least the 3rd or 4th (or more) healthcare professional to see conditions before our patients have gotten answers.

The reason?

We actually listen.

We do not believe age is a reason for pain.

Age can make us more susceptible to injuries and slower healing, but it is not a “cause”.

We will help you work out WHY your symptoms are occurring and HOW you can avoid or manage your symptoms in the future.

Our patients actually feel like they are being heard and seen, sometimes for the first time in the healthcare.

We are above our egos and will not shame or gaslight you.

And we have extensive knowledge of the entire body, not just the isolated area that is being treated.

And we genuinely enjoy seeing you, no matter your age or goals.

We find the missing links in healthcare are: lack of empathy, not taking into account emotional stressors, environmental and lifestyle changes that can affect your healing.

One of the most common phrases our patients say when they see us is “I wish I found you all sooner.”

Here are some reviews by our patients:

If you’re interested but not sure you want to lock down an appointment, feel free to book a free 30-minute discovery session to see if we are the right fit.

You can meet the team, check out the office and discuss how we can help you.

If you are sold and already want to book, please click here to schedule your initial evaluation with one of our 3 physical therapists.

Still not sure?

Check out one of our podcast episodes with Dr. Mary and Dr. Arista so you can learn about our treatment approach and get to know us a bit more.

And follow our social media page here for ongoing free information to help you on your health journey.

Whatever route you choose, we support you.

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