Discovery Session

Are you feeling pain and not sure what to do?


In this complimentary 30-minute session, a physical therapist will evaluate your symptoms and discuss your concerns. You can determine if we are the right fit for your needs.


Orthopedic and Pelvic Floor


Are you experiencing pain or dysfunction and need physical rehabilitation?


A physical therapist will provide you with individualized one-on-one treatments. This whole hour is customized to your needs.


Your treatments can include:

Joint mobilizations or manipulations

Instrument soft tissue massage

Soft tissue massage

Individualized motor control exercises

Trigger point dry needling

Return to sport training

Bladder training

Pelvic floor re-education

Individualized home exercise programs that are easily accessible online or on an app

Patient education for long-term results

Postural education

And much more! Please inquire further if you do not see a treatment listed.

Mobility Assessment

Are you having trouble meeting your physical goals due to mobility or strength impairments?


A physical therapist will complete a mobility assessment to determine why you are having difficulty reaching your goals.

We will provide you with advice and exercises to remove these barriers in order for you to reach your optimal physical potential.


Post-Rehab Fitness Guidance


Are you returning to exercise outside of your rehab environment but concerned you will re-injure yourself?


With our post-rehab guidance session, a physical therapist will come to your gym or fitness facility. We will guide you on how to safely return to your favorite exercises and physical activities.